Leisure Trust - Bangor Sportsplex

Bangor Sportsplex is home to grass pitches, a floodlit all weather astro turf pitch and an 8 lane athletics track.


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    Northern Community Leisure Trust

    Northern Community Leisure Trust was established in 2012 and is responsible for overseeing the running and development of Bangor Sportsplex, Queens Leisure Complex and Bangor Aurora in partnership with it's managing agent Serco Leisure Operating Limited.

    About Us

    The Northern Community Leisure Trust was established by North Down Council in 2012 when it took the decision to out-source the provision of its leisure services, and it was the Trust that awarded the contract to deliver the services to Serco Leisure Operating Ltd.

    Completely independent of Ards and North Down Council, the Trust currently has six members, all of whom live locally. You can find out a little more about us below.

    Our role and responsibilities

    Our key role is to oversee the management and development of the leisure and recreational services previously provided by North Down Council.

    This means that we work closely with the Serco management team to ensure that all those who live in the area we serve have access to the best and widest range of facilities possible and that this continues to be the case.

    It is our responsibility to approve any major policy developments, monitor income and expenditure and agree strategic objectives and priorities.

    To carry out our responsibilities, we meet regularly with the Serco management team and, on a quarterly basis, with representatives of the Council’s leisure services team, but we also work closely with a range of other bodies which share our interest in providing the best possible opportunities for everyone in the area to access healthy activity. Our ambition is to help more people become more active more often and we are particularly keen to widen access across the community we serve.

    Becoming a member of the Trust

    If you share our ambition and would be interested in joining us, we will be delighted to hear from you. We are keen to recruit more members, so, if you would like to contribute to the development of leisure services and recreational opportunities in the general North Down area, please do get in touch.

    What you will need if you are to enjoy being a member of the Trust is a strong sense of the value and importance of leisure activity in all its many forms, an interest in promoting healthy living in the community, an awareness of some of the barriers that stand in the way of people being more active and how they might be overcome and enough time to attend and contribute to our meetings.

    If you would like to know more, please get in touch with me at Bangor Aurora, 3 Valentine Road, Bangor BT20 4TH.

    I will be delighted to hear from you and to answer your questions.

    John Young
    Chairman of the Trust


    Neighbourhood Life

    Neighbourhood Life is our approach to helping ‘more people, become more active, more often’.  The 3 key areas of Neighbourhood Life enable us to focus our services on improving health and wellbeing, establishing our centres as community hubs and providing opportunities to participate in a range of sports.

    Health and Wellbeing
    We help local neighbourhoods and communities to improve their wellbeing through access to programmes of support that help them become more active, more often and to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

    We want our leisure centres to be community hubs, where you can participate in a range of physical and social activities. In addition to getting people more active to benefit their health, and teaching important life skills such as swimming, we also provide many other activities, such as helping older people to remain active and to socialise, activities for young people that they are interested in and providing opportunities for families to have fun together.

    We want to increase the opportunities for people to participate in a range of different sports. We work in partnership with National Governing Bodies to deliver programmes that make sport more accessible and fun for beginners or returners. We also work with local clubs to identify and develop local talent.d86c7eda-ce78-4d1d-bffc-c076847ac2e5|COPY_NeighbourhoodLifeAboutCopy